TBS' "King of the Nerds" Hometape Instructions
Welcome to King of the Nerds


Send us a 10-minute video, along with the application via Vimeo or Youtube. If you post your video to Youtube, please mark it as UNLISTED. We want to get to know YOU and SEE you in action! Don’t just tell us, but make sure to SHOW US. Show us around your world (examples can include your schooling, your family, your science lab, your hobbies & collections or your job). Remember we want to see YOU on camera the entire time. Most importantly, have fun, be creative & show us your personality!

Suggestions for the video below:

  1. Introduce yourself. Give us your name, age, current location, and brief bio on yourself.
  2. What classifies you as a nerd or geek? What are you passionate about? In one minute rattle off everything that classifies you as a nerd (from academics to awards to hobbies, collections, passions
  3. What are your intellectual strengths?
  4. What are you exceptional at?
  5. Where did you go to school? What was your GPA? List all degrees and include all notable awards and recognitions for high school and/or college academics, clubs and extracurricular activities.
  6. What do you do for "fun"? Show us your hobbies!
  7. What are subjects, topics or theories that you are passionate about?
  8. Give us a brief synopsis of your "quirks":
  9. How would your mother describe you (or someone who really knows you)? Include both the good and the bad!
  10. What are some of your greatest accomplishments?
  11. Are you in a relationship? If so, elaborate. If not, why do you think that is?
  12. Who are your heroes (fictional or otherwise)?
  13. If you could invent one thing, what would it be and why?
  14. Do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek or "Other" and Why?
  15. Why do you want to be on KING OF THE NERDS? (and, believe us, we’ve heard it all!) What can you add to the cast?

"Geek out" or "Nerd out" — This is your time to impress us with anything (for example, what did you write your thesis on? Give us details! Or explain how Han Solo made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs, OR describe, much like Captain Kirk, would you have been able to use the USS Reliant’s prefix code to hack and subsequently thwart Khan?) Impress Us with anything!

*Email the video link & completed application to: KINGOFTHENERDSCASTING@GMAIL.COM, or mail the Application & Release to: Electus, 8800 Sunsent Blvd. 5th Floor, West Hollywood, CA 90069, ATTN: KOTN Casting

The Deadline to submit an application and video is June 10th. We encourage everyone to submit as soon as possible